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The Color of Hope 10-5-17 was inspired by my youngest son, Andrew; who our family lost on October 5, 2017, at the age of 14.

Andrew taught himself to play the guitar and piano, writing songs , and performing for whomever would take the time to listen.  His love for music was visible on his face and his smile and laugh would fill your heart with joy. 

I have created the Color of Hope 10-5-17 in honor of Andrew to allow me to help others.   A portion of my proceeds of all purchased artwork is used to establish scholarships for those interested in pursuing a degree in Music, Art or the study of Psychology.  It is my hope that my experience, and my art, can help others, just like Andrew.

At the Color of Hope 10-5-17, we specialize in abstract art in many styles and color options.  Do you have a special occasion you would like to memorialize?  We can incorporate the flowers from any wedding, anniversary, baby shower, funeral or other special occasion in our art work!  One of a kind option for your family to enjoy for years to come.

Check out our products for options to purchase, special requests/commissioned orders. 

****Any products sold can be requested again.  Use the Contact Us option to request a special order or to get additional information on our scholarship offerings.


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Abstract & Memorial Floral Artwork

Check out how you can order a one of a kind piece of artwork.  You can also create memorial pieces for any occasion using flowers!!  Check out our Product/Collection page for examples.  We currently offer necklaces, bracelets, mini and large artwork customized especially for you.


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Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries or commission requests, please contact Rebecca at The Color of Hope 10-5-17 today.

409 Highland Street, Wrightstown, WI 54180


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Artist Sketching

Scholarships In Honor of Andrew

Scholarship Amounts:  To Be Announced 1/1/2019

Scholarship Award Date:  5/1/2019

Scholarship Application Deadline: 3/31/2019 

Send an application letter to:

The Color of Hope 10517

C/O Becca Lopez

Include the Following:

Your Pursuit (Music, Art, Psychology)

Tell us about you and why we should consider you for this award.


Musical Dedication to Andrew

"Dancing On The Clouds" Written and Recorded by McKenna Johnson. All copyrights reserved 2018.

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